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Pregnancy and Nursing Period

Professional Support

Here is a list of institutions and healthcare professionals that can offer advice during pregnancy and nursing period.

Where to Get Advice and Support During Pregnancy and Nursing Period

So much information. But what of it is true?

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find information about pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, information being easily available doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to make out what of it is really important – or to even know if the information is correct. Healthcare professionals and specialised support centres should therefore be your first point of contact.

Here is a short summary of where you can find professional help and support throughout the nursing period:

During pregnancy, in the first days after birth and throughout the entire breastfeeding period, you can always reach out to your midwife.

If you have any questions concerning your baby’s health and development, talk to your paediatrician. Your GP can also offer some guidance on where to get breastfeeding help and support.

In addition to midwives, there are many well-trained specialists in the family support centres you can talk to. If you want to, you can even make an appointment with a breastfeeding and lactation consultant.

Joining a breastfeeding group can also be very helpful. Here you can talk to other mothers, share your experience and build new friendships.

Reliable Sources Online

These websites provide reliable information about
pregnancy and breastfeeding: